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Dan Newman Illustration by Matthew Tooth
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Dan Newman - Master Trainer, has been involved in LSFIT since early 2010

I suppose my fitness career began when I took up martial arts 18 years ago. It taught me self-discipline and gave me the tools necessary to overcoming my own personal barriers, this I transferred into training.

I'm now 35 and qualified with the Reebok Instructors Alliance in South Africa. After working as a Personal Trainer and running several gyms in South London I am currently the Fitness Director of Pocket PT, running all the bespoke training programmes for the LSFit and a network of personal trainers nationwide.

I am registered with REPs and take on new courses and qualifications each year to keep my knowledge relevant to the latest science and good practice. These include certifications such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT, exercise and nutrition with the YMCAfit and am a qualified assessor of Personal Trainers entering the industry.

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