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Matthew Tooth
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Matt Tooth - Creative Director & Designer

Nicola approached me back in 2009 with the original concept for LSFit.   The idea was to create a site that combined a range of resources for health & fitness with wider lifestyle enhancing elements.  Her idea came from being a single mum with a busy career, keen on sport and healthy living who enjoyed her freetime but juggling everything was a struggle.  We agreed LSFit should be more than just a site but an ever-evolving resource that can fit in to an individual’s world whatever their daily commitments.

With LSFit we worked from the brand upwards and the concept continues to grow, constantly striving to offer our members more. If you have any comments or suggestions for or about the site we’d love to hear them please email us at

I personally love helping new companies realise their potential and seeing them grow from day one.  I work with businesses in various industries but what is important is getting across the right message to the right people through creativity and innovation.  This is true too for businesses that feel they need a brand revamp or just wants a particular piece of design work produced. If you’d like to see more of the services I offer and the work I produce please visit my site Elastic Canvas

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