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Adventure Holidays - Part 1

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often defined as an exciting or unusual experience to run shivers down your spine, we take a look at how even the most apprehensive amongst us can walk in the footsteps of John Goddard, Sir Edmund Hillary or Sir Ranulph Fiennes! An adventure holiday will be an exciting or unusual experience, possibly risky and may even have an uncertain outcome!


Get your adrenalin pumping!

For those chasing not only adventure but also want a physical challenge there are a range of activities and holidays that include white water rafting, sea kayaking, hiking, biking, horse riding or dog sledding to name a few. They often involve an element of physical danger, and some adventures such as climbing the Himalayas are more extreme and definitely not for the faint hearted!


Expanding your horizons

Other experiences which are less active but equally adventurous range from astronomy and visiting the northern lights, to cultural expeditions taking in architecture, temples, shrines, palaces, archaeological sites, local markets, and meeting indigenous tribes’ people. So from the lost civilizations of South America, the Egyptian pyramids or the Buddhist temples and so many more you will be spoilt for choice.


Organising an adventure holiday

One thing that many people have in common though, they are put off going on these types of holidays because of the time and organisation in planning the trip. We understand at LSFit time is a limiting factor these days so to take out the hassle and risks of organising it yourself go to
The Adventure Company



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