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So much of how we feel
is a direct result of what we eat

Too much fat with little activity will result in weight gain. Too little variety of protein, vitamins or minerals will result in injury and fatigue. With each imbalance comes an emotional environment that affects everything else including our energy levels and attitude when we come to exercise.

The biggest problem with nutrition is that most sources of information are trying to sell you something - Nutritionists, food allergists, health food and supplement retailers, diet books, even TV shows or magazine articles benefit from sensationalising the "new" thinking in each episode or edition. The list is endless.

Because of this most people in the world are on ‘on and off’ diets and their weight yo-yos and when we are regularly told that ‘size does matter’ what do you do?

At LSFit we're about health and fitness for your lifestyle so you'll have more chance than ever of being the weight or size you want and staying there because the plans are suited to how you live. In some cases yes it does mean big changes other times only slight adjustments but always commitment!

The honest truth is you do have to work at looking good even if you hear or read otherwise, so don't be fooled if you’re a different size to your friend don’t blame a slower metabolism! Plus your interpretation of looking good and what you need to do to achieve that will be different to others so always set your OWN benchmark and do not compare yourself to someone else's! It’s also a well-researched fact that most women see themselves being bigger than they actually are. At LSFit we will help you set realistic targets to get you to where you want to be and more importantly to stay there!

We also know that life is full of ups and downs, which will affect your lifestyle so our plans can adapt to those changes.  All you have to do is update your profile with your trainer, and we'll do the rest. Just remember don't leave it too long when change happens, the quicker you adapt the more chance you have of maintaining your health, fitness and of course your weight!


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